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The 10 Things I Appreciate Most In Life May 22, 2007

Posted by Will Hines in Appreciate, Culture, Expatriate, Family, Film, Friends, Health, Life, List, Me, Money, Music, School, Technology, World.

1. Family- Without them, I would be nothing, and going nowhere- they have taught me everything I need to know about being a decent human being, and much more besides. They are there to give praise when I deserve it, and also to step in when I am out of line. We laugh together, argue together, and live together, and because of this my character is a weird mixture of theirs.

2. Friends- My friends have made my life at school much easier than it could have been, and my teenage years would have been very different without them. I can’t count the number of times I’ve ended up buckled over on the floor because of laughter: from the time one of my friends jumped onto his bed and was promptly bounced off it onto the floor, or when someone in my boarding house made the stupid statement that “Slipknot are more talented than Mozart”.

3. Health- This really should be #1, as without it I wouldn’t be able to experience any of the things on this list. I am lucky enough to be physically and mentally healthy, which takes a lot of strain off me and my family; illness and death are horrible things, which I am lucky to have hardly experienced thus far in my life.

4. Culture- As an expat child, this is really important to me: I think it is essential to respect other peoples beliefs and heritage, something which I learned going to a set of international schools as a child. Being worldly-wise is an essential trait to have in the 21st century; it opens up all sorts of pathways as to what you can do with your life.

5. My Upbringing- My parents (and siblings) have brought me up to be aware of those around me, in terms of respecting their feelings and also how to deal with problems such as arguments and bullies. At my time at this school I have never lost my rag, and I don’t hate anyone (although I am sure there are some out there who hate me). It doesn’t bother me that as teenagers many people choose to go along with the crowd: I judge a person on how they respond to me individually, not on what someone else says about them.

6. The World- If its out there, why not go and explore it… during my life I have been to many exotic and wonderful places; from Belize and South Africa to Portugal and Canada, I think that everyone should take advantage of the sheer size of this planet, purely because it gives you a more rounded opinion on whats ‘out there’…

7. School- I have had the opportunity at school to do hundreds of different things that would otherwise have been impossible; from engaging in armed combat on CCF (Combined Cadet Force) camp to having a cool part in the school production of Guys And Dolls, I have loved every minute of my very busy time at Dean Close.

8. Film and Music- Now I know that these are two different things, but I couldn’t make the toss-up successfully as to which meant more to me. Film is a central part of my life; I love the thrill of watching the latest blockbuster in a packed cinema just as much as I love to sit at home and watch an indie flick on a Saturday Night. Hand in hand with this goes music, something which fills almost every spare moment of my time: I listen to music when I am in my room: working, chilling out or sleeping. It is so important to me that it just so happens to be the topic of my other blog, The Cold Cut.

9. Technology- I feel really lucky that I have had the privilege of being brought up in an age where technology is the center of our lifestyles: it is my ambition to go on to be an engineer and continue to create wonderful, innovative new things that will make the world a better and easier place.

10. Money- It is one of my aims in life to make it big… come on, give me a break; a guy’s got to make a bit of moola in his lifetime. I know many people say they don’t care about this kind of thing, but who wouldn’t want to be well off? I would be lying if I said it wasn’t my aim to retire in comfort with a large bank balance to keep me going. And how will I get there? Well, who knows?



1. Jen - May 22, 2007

What a refreshing and positive outlook! I find that I appreciate life more by counting my blessings as well – many are the same as yours. Carpe diem!

2. Will Hines - May 23, 2007

Its really good sometimes to take a look at how much good things there are in life, especially when you are angry or feeling hurt… You mantra is very true, seize the day, and don’t look back.

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